The Priory Forge

Equine Therapy Center

Proprietors: Tim & Jayne Whittington

                                         01386 793055



Here at The Priory Forge we have purpose built the following facilities to enable us to care for horses coming in for rehabilitation, farriery, therapies and veterinary clincs.











We are also pleased to be able to offer these facilities to riding clubs, visitig therapists, vets and general horse owners.


Our custom new built lecture/demonstration facility enables visitors a space where they can hold seminars and instruction clinics with an equine in a safe environment.

A refreshment/study area has also been encompassed into this design to make this area a

great place to learn.


 Our 20 x 40 menage has been specifically built with top grade sand and fibre surface to ensure the horse has a secure and level footing.


We can also provide a surfaced round pen to assist with: loose schooling/as a restricted movement area for laminitics/horses undergoing treatment who are required to stretch their legs (eliminating any further injury to themselves).  



We have 12 large internal stables which have been positioned so horses can't touch each other but they can see each other as we find this encourages a calming effect.


We have concentrated especially on achieving a light and airy environment for the horses, allowing horses with respiratory conditions to be located nearest the entrance giving them access to constant fresh air.


All stables are 12' x 15' and can be bedded down to the clients requirements, i.e. shavings, chip or straw etc.  



We have 365 day turnout, in total 20 acres of excellent pasture land for turnout and grazing. All individual paddocks have water & electrified fencing and horses can see each other.  


We have specifically made smaller turnout areas for restricted grazing/recuperation as well as larger areas for horses who may be on long term rehabilitation/convalescence who might require 'turning away' due to injury.


We can cater for horses who need to be grazed separately or we can accomodate horses who are happy to be turned out together, as per our visiting 'Holiday Liveries' and horses staying for clinics.


All our paddocks are cleaned and regularly rested to enable a healthy growth of grass.


Laminitics can be grazed on much smaller areas with a restricted but sufficient intake of grass to maintain healthy condition.


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