The Priory Forge

Equine Therapy Center

Proprietors: Tim & Jayne Whittington

                                         01386 793055


Here at The Priory Forge we have a bespoke built forge where we can undertake ordinary as well as remedial farriery.


Farriery & Forge

The forge is run by Tim Whittington - DWCF ATF and son Alex who is also a qualified DWCF Farrier.  Tim qualified in 1985 and has run a successful farriery business since. His strapline is 'have shoes will travel'.


The Priory Forge was purpose built in 2010 for training apprentices as well as a commercial forge. Clinics and seminars are held in the forge and please look on our clinic dates for up coming events.


A better assessment of the horse and his/her shoeing regime can be monitered in our forge. We have the use of the menage where we can assess the horses way of going before shoeing the horse according too its requirements.




Horses who come in for rehabilitation can be kept hoof  trimmed on site without extra stress to the animal.  This ensures a maximum healing process especially for the laminitics who need constant attention when in post treatment.


We also like to assist owners with a programme of continued management before retuning back home.






Remedial shoes can be specially forged on site and your horse can be ridden afterwards to ensure soundness and correct conformation.


We can work alongside your veterinary surgeon to ensure the very best course of treatment for your equine.




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