The Priory Forge

Equine Therapy Center

Proprietors: Tim & Jayne Whittington

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Holiday Livery

Going on holiday but worried about your horse and who is looking after your precious steed?  Then worry no longer!  We can cater for all your horses needs whilst you are away enjoying your vacation or work trip.


We ensure a high standard of care for your horse and as such they will be treated like our own whilst you are away.  If you require your horse to be kept exercised during their stay, then we have excellent facilities as well as miles of quiet lanes and bridlepaths to keep them active and interested.


Or we can simply turn them out for you making sure that they are happy and/or rugged up as necessary in the case of bad weather etc.  We have a system in place for whatever requirements you need, simply give us a call to chat through your horses needs.


Prices per week start at


Holiday Turnout Livery per week   £80.00 includes rug change if required

Holiday Turnout/ Stable Livery      £100.00  (as above + hay, bedding & feed)

Holiday above + Exercise                  £120.00  (as above + required exercise)



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