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Proprietors: Tim & Jayne Whittington

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New Owner Week

Have you just had a new horse/pony but nervous about taking your new purchase home?  It maybe your first time of equine ownership, or it might be you are "stepping up the ladder".  Sometimes we all have a feeling of  'oh my, what have I done?'  Well our Owner Week gives you the comfort of getting to know your new equine with the reassurance of help in the background if needed.


Before you go home we want you to be confident that you can cope and understand your new equine.  Your home will understandably be a strange environment for them.


We can give you the breathing space to bond with your horse and do the usual things, change rugs, turnout, feed, be in the stable with them, wash down, groom, tack up etc., but if you feel there is any area that you are not comfortable with then we can be on hand to reassure and help you.  


You do exactly what you want, when you want, as you would at your own home, be it schooling or hacking, grooming etc., but if you face a problem i.e. napping or biting/kicking - perhaps strong to turnout or maybe a little spooky, then we can help work through these issues without it becoming a major problem.


If you need somone to just be around when you are with your horse, then we are happy to carry on with our daily duties but you have confidence in the fact that someone is there.  Perhaps you want to school your new horse/pony but are not quite sure of what to expect or how to improve, then help is on hand and we can work out a simple programme of exercises for you to concentrate on.  This way both horse and rider are more relaxed and have a focus point.


NB.  However, we are totally impartial to the buyers purchase.  That transaction must be to the satisfaction of the purchaser and any dissatisfaction on their part must be sorted out between the vendor and the purchaser. We are purely there to provide a breathing space so you are happy and confident with your new equine.






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