The Priory Forge

Equine Therapy Center

Proprietors: Tim & Jayne Whittington

                                         01386 793055


Post Treatment Care

We understand that not all horse owners are confident looking after their recovering equines after major treatment or 'post op'.  We can look after your horse with empathy, calmness and efficiency to get the best progress possible.


Your horse can come to The Priory Forge straight from your home or the veterinary surgery and we will look after all their veterinary requirements.  For example: injections, dressings, hosing down, restricted exercise, etc.

There is a special sterile facility available to change dressings and clean wounds.


We will work with your vet in your absence and then keep you fully updated when you are available.  All horses admitted will have their own personal treatment record provided.



Let us help your horse be well again