The Priory Forge

Equine Therapy Center

Proprietors: Tim & Jayne Whittington

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We understand the stress of looking after a horse who needs to have constant treatment or long term respite.  We can help take the strain and stress away with our 'Rehabilitation Service'.


Whether your horse be 'post op', on long term box rest, or an equine who simply needs to be turned away for any length of time, we can cater for all their requirements.  We believe in keeping horses quiet and settled, which in turn aids their recovery.  


We have facilities so your own attending veterinary surgeon can visit and treat your horse in a sterile & safe environment.  There is 24hr surveillance on site which enables us to check on horses day and night.


If you wish to be involved with the recovery of your horse, we can also work with you on a rota basis.  We can assist you with your requirements, or if necessary, be a guiding voice in the background.  




As part of our 'return to fitness' programme, when your horse is sound we are able to loose school them in our surfaced round pen, or alternatively lunge horses to a programme advised by your veterinary surgeon on our all weather menage.


Lunging is an invaluable part of rehabilitation fitness for horses.  We can carry out this vital exercise in a controlled environment which encourages horses to improve dramatically from this fitness exercise.




We ensure all horses in our care wear protective boots or bandages whilst undergoing return to fitness work.  Bandaging to support tendons etc. will be done to veterinary request, however, we will not turnout if conditions are not suitable to maintain protection and support, in this instance horses will be walked in-hand for exercise.

Rehabilitation & Convalescence

Lunging & Round Pen

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