The Priory Forge

Equine Therapy Center

Proprietors: Tim & Jayne Whittington

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Welcome to the art of specialist shoe making!  The ultimate in hand crafted shoes.  with our on site facility we can show you how to make the polished product

Specialist Shoe Making

As a qualified farrier you can come and refine your skills in our ready made forge, from hand made Egg Bar Shoes to Rocker Bar Shoe.


With todays performance horses requiring more hand crafted and technical shoeing the necessity for different shoes is on the increase.


With the farrier industry becoming more aware of the BioMechanics and anatomical studies of the equine world there is an ever increasing need for a farrier which can produce a specifically engineered product to help the horse performe to the best of its ability.


Booking by enquiry. 01386 793055 or 07774 600422






Horses who come in for rehabilitation can be kept hoof  trimmed on site without extra stress to the animal.  This ensures a maximum healing process especially for the laminitics who need constant attention when in post treatment.


We also like to assist owners with a programme of continued management before retuning back home.






Remedial shoes can be specially forged on site and your horse can be ridden afterwards to ensure soundness and correct conformation.


We can work alongside your veterinary surgeon to ensure the very best course of treatment for your equine.




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